Cemetery Regulations


Automobiles and other motorized vehicles on the grounds are not permitted to exceed ten (10) miles per hour, must remain on the paved roadways at all times, may not turn around on the roadways, and must keep to the right.

The grounds are to be entered through the gates only for the purpose of respectful visiting or personal expression of devotion, and are not available for recreation, picnicking, sports or casual gathering of groups. Loud, boisterous or disrespectful behavior is never appropriate.

Any person(s) who destroys, defaces, or in any way vandalizes any monument, tree, shrub, plant or building on the property is guilty of a serious offense and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

For the safety and well being of all visitors, pets are not permitted on the cemetery grounds for any reason.

Children under the age of fifteen (15) are not permitted on the grounds without the supervision of an accompanying adult.

The enforcement of all rules and regulations is entrusted to the Cemetery Business Administrator and Pastor.

Internments, entombments and inurnments require a minimum of 36 working hours pre-notification. The management reserves the right to refuse an interment, entombment or inurnment in any lot, crypt or niche against which there is an unpaid account balance.

To prevent settlement of graves, standard vaults or better, are required for all interments.

The purchase of a cemetery lot does not confer ownership of the land, but only a right in the nature of an easement, to use the lot for the burial of the dead for as long as the property continues to be used as a cemetery, as provided by law.

During the months when snow and/or ice is on the ground, or the weather is very inclement, the mausoleum chapel must be used for all interment services.

Weather permitting, topsoil and seed will be added to graves approximately one month after an interment. Graves will be leveled, not mounded. As the grave settles, topsoil and seed will be added, as needed, and as determined by the Cemetery management, up to one (1) year after burial.

A monumented lot may have a planting only on the front side of the monument. The planting area may not exceed the length of the monument, nor ten (10) inches in width. Tree or shrubs are not permitted on any lot. The management reserves the right to prune or remove any existing planting not in compliance.

Fences, hedges, coping, edging, curbing enclosures, ironwork, wire seats, vases, urns, posts, vigil lights, steps and shepherd hooks are prohibited on the cemetery lots. Special consideration will be given to families actively maintaining graves where these conditions have existed prior to June 2012. Any ornamentation however, must be contained within the ten (10) inch limit stated above.

Grading, sodding, seeding, fertilizing and filling of cemetery lots by persons other than cemetery employees are prohibited.

For safety and insurance liability, the placing of crushed stone, wood chips or shells on graves is prohibited. These materials are destructive to mowing machines and equipment and can cause serious injury to visitors and workers when they become dangerous projectiles hurled by the mower blades. These materials will be removed, without notice, and disposed of by the Cemetery management. Shredded mulch may be used.

Outlining of graves or memorials by stripping a border of sod around the grave, or outlining the grave with metal frames, stones, or crushed stone, is not permitted.

It is not permitted to bring mowers or power equipment of any kind onto the cemetery grounds.

Should graves require repair, please call the cemetery office for a work order to be issued.

Funeral flowers are removed by the Cemetery management within 48 hours after the interment services since they deteriorate rapidly. Should members of the family wish to retain any floral arrangements, we respectfully suggest that this be done prior to the interment service.

Christmas grave blankets should not exceed the width of the monument. All holiday decorations (i.e. grave blankets, palm crosses, etc.) will be removed by the Cemetery management if not previously removed by the family. Christmas decorations must be removed by January 15. All Easter, Spring and Summer items must be removed by September 15.

Torn and tattered flags will be removed from graves at any time the Cemetery management sees fit.


All bodies accepted for entombment in Holy Redeemer Mausoleum must have been embalmed by a licensed funeral director, placed in a metal casket and the casket wrapped in an Ensure-A-Seal liner, purchased from the funeral director.

Sale, assignment or transfer of crypts is at all times subject to the canons of the Roman Catholic Church, the statutes of the State of New Jersey and the regulations of the Diocese of Metuchen.

Transfer of interred remains from a cemetery lot to a mausoleum crypt is the financial responsibility of the family. This includes the disinterment fee, the entombment fee for the mausoleum and the cost of a new casket or container if, in the judgment of the management of the cemetery, the original casket or container is not suitable for transfer. The casket must be wrapped in an Ensure-A-Seal liner.

The lettering on all crypts will be sandblasted with the first name, middle initial, last name and years of birth and death only. Inscriptions must be purchased from the mausoleum.

Personalized photoceramic images may be ordered, designed and purchased through the Cemetery Office for placement on mausoleum crypt and niche fronts. A selection of bronze service and military medallions are also available through the Cemetery Office. Any and all other decoration or ornamentation on crypt fronts, including pictures, messages, flowers, flags, etc., are not permitted.

No flowers or other decorative materials of any kind, live or artificial, may be left along the exterior walks or patios of the mausoleum. Brick-raised boxes are available outside the mausoleum for the placement of live and silk flowers. These flowers may remain in place until they become unsightly. No permanent planting is allowed in these boxes. Christmas decorations must be removed by January 15. All Easter, Spring and Summer items must be removed by September 15.

All funeral flowers will be removed from the inside of the mausoleum on the day of the entombment and placed outside. They will be removed from the outside of the mausoleum within three days of entombment.

The management will remove, without notice, any items placed on crypt fronts and all items placed on the floor or walk in front of any crypt.

Throughout the interior of the mausoleum, glass-top tables are set among the chairs, where you may place a vase filled with water and fresh flowers. Vases are available for your use and may be found on the shelves in the lavatory. Please use the vases provided. Memorial cards are available for placement with your flowers. They may be found on the tables as well. Dead flowers will be removed.

Glass votive candles are not permitted in the flower boxes nor anywhere else. Electric Memorial Candles are available in the Mausoleum Chapel. Call or visit the cemetery office if you wish to make candle arrangements.

No food or drink may be brought into the mausoleum building.


Holy Redeemer has designated areas in both the cemetery and mausoleum, which have been set aside for the interment of cremated remains.

All cremated remains for in-ground burial must be placed in a concrete urn vault, or concrete cremation vault. The name of the deceased must be on the outside. This also applies to the cremation section of the cemetery.

One (1) cremated remains may be buried in a standard grave over an existing interment. Two (2) cremated remains may be buried in a standard grave where there are no previous interments. Additional right to burial fee will be charged.

The scattering of cremated remains in any part of the cemetery, human or animal, is strictly forbidden.

Grave Markers
When cremated remains are to be buried in a standard grave over an existing interment, the name of the cremated deceased should be placed on the existing monument or base of the monument. If the deceased's name cannot be added to the existing monument or base, only a flat marker is permitted. This marker will be placed at the foot of the standard grave. Call the Cemetery office for marker restrictions for the in-ground cremation section of the cemetery.

All granite-front niches for cremated remains will be lettered with bronze plaques. Plaques will contain the first name, middle initial, last name, and years of birth and death of the deceased. Plaques must be purchased from the mausoleum.

The cremated remains of a deceased family member may be placed in a crypt with an existing full-body entombment. The name and above information will be sandblasted into the granite crypt front in the lower right corner.

All glass-front niches for cremated remains may contain the inscribed urn/box holding the cremated remains of the deceased and two other appropriate items, such as a framed photograph, a personal possession, i.e. cap, glasses, etc. These niches are interiorly lighted and in public view.