Why Choose a Catholic Cemetery?

CATHOLIC CEMETERIES are places consecrated and set apart, and with consecrated churches, constitute the “sacred space” which the church designates and reserves in this world exclusively for the worship of God.

Unlike other burial grounds, they reflect the deep faith of Catholic Christians in the intimate connection between the death of the believer and the death of the Lord. They support our conviction that the bodies of the baptized have been the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, and are an expression of the ministry of the Church to the bereaved and to the deceased themselves, who continue to be members of the Church, suffering and triumphant.

The Catholic cemetery seeks to assist people in accepting the reality of death in a context of faith in the promise of eternal life. Our facility and services include a place for burial, an environment to meet the needs of the liturgy of burial, and an atmosphere to encourage the prayer for the dead in which love is remembered, hope is rekindled and faith is awakened and strengthened.

Ever since the Sacred Body of our crucified Savior was reverently laid in the tomb, there to await the hour of its glorious Resurrection, the Church has been most solicitous to surround the burial of those remains with reverence. In the Mass of Christian Burial and committal prayers, the Church gives voice to her belief in the Christian doctrines of the resurrection of the body, the Communion of Saints and life everlasting. As a further seal and symbol of that faith, the Church sets apart and solemnly blesses the place in which the bodies of her faithful departed await the day of Resurrection.

In the very earliest days, Mother Church found it necessary to make rules and regulations which would protect the sacred places and the sacred remains laid therein. She could not, and would not, allow anything within the holy precincts which would desecrate them, lessen their beauty, or bring dishonor on the dead.